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Tems’ Debut Album “Born in The Wild” Signals a New Era in Afrobeats

Tems’ highly anticipated debut album, “Born in The Wild,” has finally arrived, marking a significant moment in the realm of Afrobeats, particularly for its female artists. After the success of Ayra Starr’s acclaimed sophomore album, “The Year I Turned 21,” Tems’ fans have eagerly awaited this release, following years of anticipation fueled by her EPs and singles.

“Born In The Wild” showcases Tems’ evolution as an artist, presenting a cohesive 18-track journey that transcends genres. With a selective guest list including American rap superstar J. Cole and Nigeria’s rising singer, Asake, Tems continues to solidify her position as a global force in music.

Despite already boasting accolades such as a Grammy win, Oscar nomination, and multi-platinum records, Tems delves deeper into her personal narrative with this album. She confronts moments of self-doubt and navigates the challenges of maintaining authenticity amidst fame. Through introspective lyrics, she explores the complexities of relationships and her journey towards self-trust.


“Born In The Wild” feels like an intimate diary, showcasing Tems’ growth as both an individual and an artist. It represents the culmination of her efforts, reflecting her resilience in overcoming obstacles and embracing new opportunities.

For Tems’ fans, this album is a long-awaited celebration. But beyond that, it serves as a testament to her artistic evolution and a sincere exploration of self-discovery. “Born In The Wild” not only marks a debut but heralds a new chapter in Tems’ remarkable journey, solidifying her as a dominant figure in the Afrobeats landscape and beyond.


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