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Pharrell Collaborates with Tiffany & Co. for Stunning Jewelry Collection Debut

Pharrell Williams has launched his first jewelry collection in collaboration with Tiffany & Co., titled “Tiffany Titan.” The collection includes 19 pieces crafted from 18-karat yellow gold or titanium and adorned with diamonds. Pharrell drew inspiration from Poseidon, ruler of the sea, and the community he grew up in, Virginia Beach, which is also named Atlantis.

The collection features a signature spike motif inspired by Poseidon’s trident, with bold designs that incorporate both sharp, spear-like spikes and soft curves. The pieces are available in 18-karat yellow gold or titanium, with all metal and diamond iterations available. Pharrell emphasized the intentional detail in each piece, particularly the use of black titanium, which he described as a physical manifestation of beauty in blackness.


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Pharrell is a versatile artist who has also been working on a new musical film with Universal Pictures. The film is set in Virginia Beach in the summer of 1977 and draws inspiration from Pharrell’s childhood neighborhood, particularly the Atlantis Apartments. The cast includes Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Halle Bailey, Brian Tyree Henry, Janelle Monáe, and Hip Hop legend Missy Elliott. The release date for the film remains unknown.

In the music realm, Pharrell quietly released a surprise album, Virginia: Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1 — City of Limitless Access, in April. The album is available exclusively on the website and features songs like “Richard Mille,” “Just For Fun,” “Caged Bird Free,” and “Cheryl.” However, no credit or feature information is currently available. The website invites visitors to join a mailing list with a message reading, “Stay tuned…” after submission. Pharrell has not promoted the album on social media. This project marks his first solo release since 2014’s Girl.

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