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Missing Woman Found Dead Inside 20-ft Python in Forest

In a tragic turn of events, a massive python swallowed Farida, a 45-year-old Indonesian mother of four. She disappeared on a Thursday night while journeying through the woods to a nearby market in South Sulawesi province to sell food.

Noni, Farida’s husband, found her belongings scattered in the forest and spotted a 20-foot python with an unnaturally large belly. He immediately raised the alarm among the villagers. The python likely attacked Farida, bit her leg, coiled around her body to suffocate her, and then swallowed her whole.


With assistance from neighboring villagers, they captured the python and cut open its belly, revealing Farida’s lifeless body. Suardi Rosi, the head of the Kalempang village where they lived, said that Noni’s discovery of his wife’s items sparked the search and led to the python.

Filled with regret, Noni expressed his sorrow for allowing his wife to venture out alone. “If I had accompanied her that day, the snake wouldn’t have dared touch her. I feel sorry for her suffering. I am sorry for our family,” he lamented. After her body returned to the village, a large crowd gathered to mourn Farida’s death.

While rare, pythons do occasionally kill humans in Indonesia. The previous year, a farmer in the Tinanggea district of Southeast Sulawesi strangled an 8-meter python. He managed to kill the snake before it completely swallowed him. In 2022, a python swallowed Jahrah whole as she collected rubber from a plantation in Jambi province. In 2018, another woman in the same region fell victim to a python.


These tragic incidents serve as a stark reminder of the dangers in the natural world. Despite these risks, the villagers continue to live in harmony with nature, adapting to whatever challenges they face.

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