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Google Acquires Cameyo to Enhance ChromeOS with Virtual Windows Apps

Google has acquired Cameyo, a leading virtualization software company, to integrate its technology into ChromeOS. This strategic move aims to provide ChromeOS users with seamless access to Windows applications without the need for complex installations or updates.

Cameyo’s innovative virtual application delivery technology allows organizations to run Windows apps on non-Windows machines and even within web browsers. The platform virtualizes applications and serves them from public or private cloud environments, making it an attractive solution for businesses and educational institutions looking to modernize their IT infrastructure.


The acquisition builds upon Google’s partnership with Cameyo last year, which introduced features such as local file system integration and the ability to deliver virtual Windows apps as progressive web apps. This integration will further enhance the ChromeOS experience, making it a more appealing option for organizations seeking to transition away from Windows or work with both platforms.

Cameyo’s technology has already been adopted by hundreds of organizations, including school districts and financial institutions. The acquisition is expected to accelerate the adoption of ChromeOS in the business and education sectors, particularly as more applications move to the cloud and web-based technologies.


By combining Cameyo’s virtual application delivery technology with ChromeOS, Google aims to empower businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure while preserving their investments in existing software. This acquisition marks a significant step in Google’s ongoing efforts to expand the capabilities of ChromeOS and make it a more viable option for organizations of all sizes.

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