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Nicki Minaj Cancels Manchester Concert After Arrest by the Dutch Authorities for Marijuana Possession

Nicki Minaj’s concert in Manchester, England, had to be called off following her detention by Dutch authorities on charges of marijuana possession, an offense considered minor in Amsterdam. The Co-Op Live, where the event was slated to take place, shared the unfortunate news on their Instagram, explaining that despite Nicki’s efforts, the circumstances rendered the show impossible. They assured ticket holders that the concert would be rescheduled, with further details to follow.

The incident unfolded as Nicki went live on Instagram from an Amsterdam airport, capturing the moment officers informed her of the arrest. Despite her requests for legal representation, she was escorted into police custody, as seen in the live stream. Earlier, she had posted a video of airport staff notifying her of a mandatory search of her belongings. Expressing frustration in the caption, she hinted at deliberate interference with her tour.

Subsequently, Dutch authorities announced Nicki’s release on X (formerly Twitter), revealing she had been fined for carrying pre-rolled marijuana joints. Although Amsterdam’s reputation for tolerance towards drug possession is well-known, changes in the law since 2023 have tightened regulations, making “cannabis tourism” illegal. While limited marijuana use is permitted in designated coffee shops, possession remains against the law outside of these establishments.


The Netherlands’ government emphasizes its stance against illegal drug possession on its official website, clarifying that while soft drugs like marijuana are less harmful, their possession, sale, or production is prohibited. Coffee shops operate under strict conditions, selling cannabis without serving or allowing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, aligning with the Dutch policy of toleration.

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