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Inside EA: CEO Andrew Wilson Discusses Ongoing In-Game Ad

EA is currently exploring the realm of in-game advertisements, as CEO Andrew Wilson disclosed during the company’s Q4 earnings call. Wilson acknowledged the ongoing efforts within EA to develop thoughtful approaches to integrate ads into gaming experiences, emphasizing the need for careful implementation.

However, Wilson also highlighted that in-game ads are still in the early stages, underscoring the importance of being mindful and strategic in their implementation. He suggested that the broader advertising opportunities lie beyond the confines of games themselves, focusing on community-building and engagement.

While the prospect of in-game ads may not be the most enticing aspect for gamers, it remains a part of EA’s strategy for revenue generation. Looking back, there’s a reminder of the one instance where ads in games were embraced: fifteen years ago, “Mercenaries 2” allowed players to literally demolish advertisements within the game. Perhaps offering such interactive elements could enhance the acceptance of in-game ads.


Nevertheless, concerns persist about the retroactive inclusion of ads in previously purchased games, as seen with “UFC 4.” As EA continues to explore in-game advertising, balancing revenue opportunities with player experience will be crucial for its success in this endeavor.

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