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Actor Femi Adebayo Granted N25m in Case Against Streaming Platform

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Femi Adebayo, has been granted a favorable judgment of N25 million by a Lagos High Court. The ruling pertains to the unauthorized usage of his film ‘Jelili’ by a video streaming service. Adebayo disclosed this development on his official Instagram account, highlighting the legal dispute revolving around the piracy of his movie, ‘Survival of Jelili.’

The legal battle stemmed from allegations of copyright infringement against Murphy Ben International, operating through their YouTube channel, ‘Aforefo TV.’ Adebayo accused the channel of unlawfully exploiting his intellectual property for financial gain, citing the misappropriation of his movie poster and title to promote a different film on their platform.

Piracy remains a significant challenge for the Nigerian creative sector, particularly Nollywood, impeding its potential for growth and deterring investor confidence. Adebayo emphasized the detrimental impact of piracy on filmmakers and investors, stressing the need for concerted efforts to combat intellectual property theft.



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After a three-year legal ordeal, Adebayo expressed gratitude to his legal team, Bola Adebowale & Co. Legal Practitioners, for their dedication and expertise in securing the victory. He underscored the broader significance of the judgment, heralding it as a triumph not only for himself but for the entire Nollywood community. Adebayo emphasized the importance of safeguarding intellectual property rights to ensure the industry’s sustainable development and economic prosperity.

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