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Spotify’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) innovation crafts playlists from text descriptions

Spotify introduces a beta tool for generating personalized playlists based on text prompts, expanding on its previous AI playlist experiments. This AI Playlist beta is rolling out to Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia.

To access the AI Playlist generator, users in these regions navigate to “Your Library” and tap the “+” icon. They can input prompts like “music for a cozy rainy day read” to receive a tailored playlist of 30 songs. Additional prompts like “more melancholic tunes” allow further refinement before saving the playlist.


In testing, AI Playlists effectively align songs with specific prompts, such as compiling techno tracks for a rave ambiance evoking “Blade” (1998). Users are encouraged to use diverse prompts for optimal results, as the feature can reference various elements like genres, moods, and movie characters.

However, AI Playlists have limitations. They cannot generate results for non-music-related prompts or handle offensive content. Despite this, the feature offers a swift alternative to manual playlist creation and enhances music discovery, distinguishing it from Spotify’s AI DJ.


The new feature may influence anticipated price adjustments later this year for Premium subscriptions, currently starting at $5.99 per month for students or $10.99 for individuals. Further details on the global rollout of the beta are awaited from Spotify.


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