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Pelumi Nubi’s Triumph: Completing a 68-Day Solo Drive from London to Lagos

Pelumi Nubi has finally reached Lagos after embarking on an epic 68-day solo drive from London, receiving a warm and heroic welcome upon her arrival in Nigeria.

At the Nigeria-Benin Republic border, Pelumi was greeted by representatives of the Lagos State Government, including the Honorable Commissioner of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka, and the Special Adviser, Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Idris Aregbe.

Following her border crossing, Pelumi made her way to Badagry before heading to Unilag for a celebratory homecoming event.


Expressing her joy and gratitude, Pelumi remarked, “I feel incredibly happy to be back home. The reception has been overwhelmingly warm and welcoming. Nigeria truly feels like home to me, so this experience is beyond amazing. I anticipated a warm homecoming, but the reality has exceeded my expectations. I am deeply grateful and eagerly look forward to the celebrations awaiting me at Unilag.”

During her journey, Pelumi encountered challenges, including a car accident that left her vehicle significantly damaged. However, she remained resilient and determined to complete her expedition.

Pelumi’s safe return to Nigeria brought relief to her family, with her father describing it as the end of a period of anxiety. He shared the emotional toll of Pelumi’s journey, emphasizing the worry and sleepless nights experienced by her loved ones.

Reflecting on Pelumi’s adventurous spirit, her mother expressed approval of her daughter’s decision to embark on the journey, citing Pelumi’s extensive travel experiences and her desire to inspire others.


In an earlier interview, Pelumi discussed her motivation for undertaking the extraordinary drive, aiming to demonstrate that such travel feats are attainable, particularly for individuals like herself. She emphasized the importance of encouraging the next generation of travelers to step out of their comfort zones and pursue remarkable endeavors.

As Pelumi looks forward to driving into Lagos, she anticipates an unforgettable finale to her remarkable journey, expressing gratitude for the support and excitement surrounding her homecoming. She hopes to inspire fellow solo female travelers while emphasizing the importance of safety considerations.

Throughout her extensive travels to over 80 countries, Pelumi Nubi remains dedicated to showcasing the possibilities for solo female adventurers, believing that while caution is essential, it should not hinder one’s pursuit of extraordinary experiences.



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