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Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Xbox Customer Support: Here’s how it works

The next time you reach out to Xbox customer support, you might find yourself chatting with a chatbot. But how effective will it be in handling refunds?

The next time you seek assistance from Xbox customer support, you could be interacting with an AI chatbot. Initially reported by The Verge, Microsoft has developed and is currently testing an AI chatbot, complete with an animated “embodied AI character,” to manage support inquiries.

According to The Verge, the virtual support agent is capable of processing both text and voice requests. Haiyan Zhang, general manager of gaming AI at Xbox, mentioned to The Verge that this new feature aims to streamline the process for players to receive support by using natural language.


The chatbot will utilize information directly from existing Xbox Support pages and will be equipped to respond to queries and handle tasks like game refunds, subscription issues, or hardware malfunctions. While the AI chatbot may not offer new information to customers, it aims to enhance accessibility to existing support resources.

Although the bot is presently undergoing internal testing for support inquiries related to Minecraft Realms, Microsoft indicated to The Verge that the testing scope has recently expanded, suggesting a broader rollout in the near future.


This initiative aligns with Microsoft’s broader strategy to integrate AI into its gaming ecosystem and promote greater AI adoption overall. Alongside customer support, Microsoft is exploring AI applications in game development, encompassing AI-driven game testing, AI-controlled non-playable characters (NPCs), and AI-driven safety and moderation measures. While Microsoft has yet to explore AI-generated graphics or voice assets for its games, the future potential remains open.

While customer support chatbots are not novel, they have encountered challenges, such as instances where individuals attempted to deceive AI chatbots into making unconventional transactions. It remains unclear how much authority this chatbot will wield in comparison to human agents, particularly in areas like refunds, or if it will access any information beyond official support channels.


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