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Timi Dakolo introduces a new song ‘Men From The South

Nigerian singer-songwriter Timi Dakolo has revealed his latest single, aptly named Men From The South. This fresh track underscores Dakolo’s deep cultural roots, proudly representing the South-South region of Nigeria, specifically the Niger-Delta area. Recognized for his unique voice and distinctive style, Dakolo infuses his characteristic sophistication into this latest creation, undoubtedly striking a chord with audiences.

Men From The South serves as a lively tribute to the culture, resilience, and identity of the South-South region of Nigeria. The composition is enriched with a gyration vibe, a rhythmic and engaging musical style deeply embedded in Niger-Delta culture. The infectious celebratory atmosphere of the song emanates joy and pride.

With lyrics like “South South boys, oil money dey,” Dakolo pays homage to the men from his region, emphasizing not just the wealth linked to the oil-rich Niger-Delta area but, more importantly, honoring the resilience and spirit of the South-South people. Timi Dakolo takes center stage with this track, spotlighting the strength, dignity, and vibrancy of his heritage.


The launch of Men From The South is particularly thrilling as it secures a spot on Dakolo’s highly anticipated album, The Chorus Leader, slated for release on January 19th. Fans are eagerly anticipating this album, given Dakolo’s reputation for seamlessly blending soulful melodies with profound storytelling.

In Men From The South, Timi Dakolo’s musical mastery comes to the forefront. His ability to forge a connection with the audience through relatable themes and captivating rhythms is unmistakable. The song serves as a cultural expression, honoring the distinct identity and heritage of the Niger-Delta people.



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