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Apple Car’s Potential 2028 Launch Comes with Reduced Autonomy

Despite limited updates on Apple’s ambitious Apple Car project, the tech giant wants to emphasize its ongoing commitment. According to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Project Titan, Apple’s decade-long venture into the automotive industry, has undergone various transformations. Initially conceived as a fully autonomous vehicle and later pivoting to an electric vehicle to rival Tesla, the highly-anticipated Apple Car is now expected to debut no later than 2028, extending beyond the company’s previous announcement by two years.

The vehicle’s autonomy has been downgraded from a Level 5 system (full automation) to a Level 2+ system, offering partial automation. This implies limited self-driving capabilities, such as lane centering, braking, and acceleration support, but the driver must maintain constant attention. This positions Apple to compete with Tesla’s Autopilot, also classified as a Level 2 system.

Contrary to earlier renderings without a steering wheel or pedals, recent information suggests a more conventional control setup for the Apple Car. Insiders believe that delivering a product with reduced expectations could be pivotal for the project’s success, stating, “Either the company can meet expectations with reduced features, or top executives may reconsider the project’s viability.” While the company aims to introduce a Level 4 autonomous system eventually, the timeline remains uncertain. Despite ongoing rumors since the mid-2010s, Apple has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in sustaining Project Titan.

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