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Sarkodie Ignites with Fiery New Single ‘Otan’


As we approach the final act of the year, Sarkodie, the revered rapper, confidently embraces his hip-hop persona. Following the captivating release of his previous single, “Till We Die” featuring Ruger, Sarkodie graces the stage once again with a compelling and passionate hip-hop creation titled “Otan.” Crafted under the expert guidance of producer MOG Beatz, this new single reinforces Sarkodie’s standing as a rap virtuoso.

In “Otan,” Sarkodie takes on the role of a wise storyteller, unraveling a narrative that delves into themes such as envy, jealousy, imperfection, gaslighting, pride, and more. Each verse serves as a profound exploration of the human condition, presenting a lyrical mirror reflecting the intricacies of life and relationships. Sarkodie’s pen, steeped in the ink of experience, etches verses that resonate with authenticity, offering listeners an unfiltered glimpse into the myriad emotions that define the human experience.

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Helmed by the maestro MOG Beatz, the track’s canvas becomes a backdrop that accentuates Sarkodie’s articulate expression. Meticulously crafted beats create a rhythmic synergy that complements the lyrical depth, transcending the song into a sonic journey.

Within the introspective verses, Sarkodie invokes the divine, seeking protection from God. Standing tall at the summit of his craft, he boldly asserts his place at the top, affirming that victory will always be his companion. This dualistic expression of vulnerability and triumph adds layers of complexity to “Otan,” making it a multifaceted composition that resonates on both personal and collective levels.

In “Otan,” Sarkodie once again solidifies his position as one of Africa’s foremost rappers, demonstrating that his lyrical finesse and storytelling prowess are not only intact but continually evolving.

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