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ASAP Rocky’s Unique Bottega Veneta Campaign

A$AP Rocky has adopted a groundbreaking approach, utilizing “everyday lifestyle type photos” for a distinctive Bottega Veneta campaign, which he dubs a “creative trifecta.”

In a social media post on Monday (December 4), the multi-talented entertainer, starring in Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Spring 2024 campaign, unveiled this unconventional collaboration and explained the motivation behind it.

Rocky, in the caption of the photo carousel, acknowledged the historical tension between photographers and celebrities, emphasizing the disconnection between famous individuals and the photographers who document their lives.


He remarked, “While certain celebrities call paparazzi on themselves, others might get confrontational with photographers. While a very small few, such as myself, don’t mind, as long as they post the good angles, of course.”

Diverging from the conventional glossy and staged images typical of fashion campaigns, Rocky emphasized the project’s aim to “bridge that gap” by blending a celebrity’s paparazzi experience with thoughtfully curated ensembles, ultimately drawing attention to the Italian luxury brand.

“So, in good light of good-angled photos, myself and the creative minds @ #BOTTEGAVENETA thought it would be genius to bridge the gap and utilize my everyday lifestyle type photos taken by candid photographers while I do my everyday thing,” he elaborated.


He clarified that the initiative functions less as a campaign and more as a “creative trifecta” involving Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy, himself (A$AP Rocky), and the skilled tabloid-style photographers involved. Rocky expressed gratitude and extended thanks for the collaboration.

In a separate encounter, a journalist attempted to engage Rocky in a series of questions about his music career and personal life. Although the barefooted reporter struggled to keep up, she managed to inquire about his upcoming album “Don’t Be Dumb” and queried whether he plans to address the purported Drake diss. Rocky revealed he is finalizing the project but remained tight-lipped about Drake’s alleged jabs.

Addressing his cultural impact, A$AP Rocky, in a recent cover story with Highsnobiety, asserted his influence and ability to inspire. He highlighted his duty to inspire while noting the rarity and magic of having significant control and power within the culture.



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