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Kaffy shows support to Lola Mewu as she attempts to break Guinness World Record

In the video posted to the artist’s page, Kaffy dialed in via video call speaking with Lola, encouraging her to stay strong and focus on her goal. Not only did she encourage her, but she also gave her solid advice to ensure her victory was solidified in the end.

She said, “I’m here with you in the spirit and I can’t wait for you to be a fellow world Guinness record holder. Just keep pushing it. What’s the current record?”, to which Lola and her team responded saying 60 hours. “You’ve surpassed it already, just keep surpassing it because they are going to do deductions after their own check. Just keep pushing.” The dancer also encouraged her in the comment section of her posts, clearly rooting for her.

After receiving approval from the body, her attempt was scheduled to run until October 30, but she has continued to persevere and is still at it. With well over 20 paintings fully executed, her team has begun to sell her artworks in an online auction, as directed by the Guinness World Book of Records.

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