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X Teams Up with Paris Hilton and 11:11 Media for Innovative Partnership

X, previously known as Twitter, has entered into a unique revenue-sharing agreement with Paris Hilton and her media company, 11:11. This partnership even includes a personalized hashtag for a term Hilton has been trying to popularize since at least 2019: “sliving.”

Combining the words “slaying” and “living,” “sliving” is intended to be Hilton’s modern-day catchphrase, akin to her iconic “that’s hot” phrase from the early 2000s. Fast forward to 2023, and Linda Yaccarino, fresh from her Code stage interview, is posting “#sliving” on a platform called X.

Here’s what the collaboration between Hilton and X entails, as explained by company spokesperson Joe Benarroch:

  1. They will collaborate to create four original video content programs each year, including live shopping experiences, and introduce various new features on the X platform.
  2. The live shopping feature will enable viewers of Hilton’s livestream to browse through a product catalog and make purchases through the in-app browser.
  3. X will work to secure brand sponsorships to support each of these activities.
  4. X will also assist in amplifying other initiatives that 11:11 Media / Paris Hilton will be involved in throughout the year.

It seems that Hilton won’t have to handle the heavy lifting, as X will be actively involved in various aspects of the partnership. Unlike the existing creator payout program, Hilton’s financial arrangement with X, which appears to be the first of its kind during the Musk era, is a unique two-year partnership.

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