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Drake Claps Back at Joe Budden’s Album Critique

Drake Responds to Joe Budden’s Critique of ‘For All The Dogs’: ‘You Have Failed in Music’

Drake doesn’t take criticism of his latest album, “For All The Dogs,” lightly, especially when it comes from Joe Budden. The two artists engaged in a heated exchange on Saturday (October 7), ignited by Budden’s candid remarks about the album during his latest podcast episode.

Budden didn’t mince words, stating, “[Drake is] rapping for the children. I had to look up how old this guy was when I finished listening to the album… You’re going to be 37 years old. Step away from some of these younger artists and stop engaging with 25-year-olds… Why are you still involved with 25-year-olds? You’re a 37-year-old billionaire.”


He went on to draw an unfavorable career comparison between Drake and J. Cole, emphasizing how Cole transitioned from rapping about youthful subjects to delivering more mature content. Budden expressed a desire to hear Drake’s music reflect his adult persona.


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You can listen to Budden’s critique in the podcast episode, starting at the 1:09:47 mark.


In response to Budden’s comments, Drake took to social media with a lengthy response, asserting that Budden had “failed in music.”

Drake’s words: “You abandoned [music] to pursue what you’re doing in this clip because it’s what actually pays your bills… You changed careers because your ideas left you financially strained, living paycheck to paycheck. The lyrics you penned drew only 450 people, wearing outdated Enyce jeans, to your shows, where they pretended you were the greatest while listening to Mood Muzik 29.

“To all artists doing what they believe is right, don’t let these opinions affect your mindset afterward… This individual epitomizes frustration and surrender.”


Drake concluded with a simple analogy: “I own a 767… he owns a modest house in the 973 area code and occasionally flies first class for special occasions.”

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