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Post Malone Faces Domestic Violence Accusations

In a surprising twist, Post Malone, the renowned artist, faces new legal challenges following his breakup with former girlfriend Ashlen Diaz. Shockingly, allegations of domestic violence have emerged, with Diaz not being the accuser.

Sources obtained court documents revealing that Martorell Law filed a lawsuit against both the celebrated singer and his former partner of three years. What makes this case noteworthy is that this law firm initially assisted Diaz in legal negotiations related to her palimony following their 2018 split. Despite not being married to Post Malone, Diaz sought financial compensation from their relationship and had pledged a share of any settlement to her legal team.

Coercion and Manipulation Allegations


Martorell Law alleges that Post Malone pressured Diaz into accepting an out-of-court settlement, effectively excluding the law firm from settlement proceedings. In a lawsuit filed last year, Post Malone is accused of exerting significant control over Diaz, leading her to terminate her legal representation and directly negotiate with him. In response to these allegations, Martorell Law aims to provide substantial evidence, including photographic and text-based proof, establishing Post Malone’s dominance in Diaz’s life. Their primary goal is to demonstrate that Diaz was manipulated into relinquishing her legal counsel and engaging in a separate agreement with the artist.

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Motion for Damages and Dismissal

Martorell Law initiated a motion for damages, with Post Malone urging the court to dismiss it, categorizing it as “frivolous, unreasonable, or lacking a foundation.” The core of this legal action revolves around allegations of emotional and physical abuse inflicted by the 28-year-old artist upon his former partner. Martorell contends that Post Malone exerted immense pressure on Diaz, effectively coercing her into terminating her legal representation. The motion underscores that “coercion and pressure of one’s romantic partner combined with physical and emotional abuse” constitute a wrongful act. These actions, the motion contends, were central to the palimony dispute, revealing a disturbing pattern of abuse and a significant power imbalance.

Celebrity Influence and Accountability


Martorell Law argues that a prominent celebrity like Post Malone, with a documented history of physical and emotional abuse, should not be allowed to leverage his influence and wealth to deprive his former partner of legal representation. They firmly assert that such interference with a contingency fee agreement should not go unpunished. Eduardo Martorell, the founding partner of the law firm, has stated, “During the course of my representation of Ms. Diaz, she informed me that she suffered from acts of domestic abuse during her dating relationship with Defendant Post, which I now believe to be related to Ms. Diaz’s breach of the contingency fee agreement.” He further revealed that Diaz had provided photographic evidence and text messages related to Post Malone’s alleged abusive behavior.

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