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From Fan to Fashion Icon: Adekunle Gold’s Starring Role with Manchester United

Adekunle Gold’s Astonishing Modeling Debut with Manchester United’s Fashion Line

In a truly global spectacle, Adekunle Gold left fans around the world amazed as he stepped into the limelight as a model for Manchester United’s latest fashion collection.

The internationally acclaimed singer and entertainer, Adekunle Gold, created an immediate social media sensation when English football giants, Manchester United, unveiled him as the face of their brand-new clothing line.


AG Baby showcased sheer magnificence in the recently introduced lifestyle collection, inspired by the Red Devils’ third kit jersey. Described by Adidas as a fusion of football performance and streetwear culture, this collection features an adaptation of Manchester United’s Third jersey for the current season. While it retains the jersey’s iconic design, it places a strong emphasis on wearability, comfort, and style.

In response to this exhilarating announcement, Adekunle Gold took to his social media platform to express his sentiments, posting, “I transitioned from watching games at viewing centers in Ikotun to being invited to Old Trafford, and now I’m working with and celebrated by my favorite football club in the world. Unbelievable! Dare to dream! GGMU.”

In a captivating fusion of music and sports, Afrobeat sensation Adekunle Gold has made an indelible mark on the fashion world with his recent role as a model for Manchester United’s LFSTLR collection.


As part of the growing trend of Afrobeats artists gaining prominence in major football events, Adekunle Gold’s association as a model for Manchester United’s flagship fashion line, in collaboration with Adidas, has sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment and fashion industries.

Renowned for his unwavering passion for the English football giants, Adekunle Gold effortlessly assumed the role of an international model, showcasing the LFSTLR collection with striking elegance. Draped in sharp and stylish attire, the singer left fans and fashion enthusiasts alike utterly captivated.

Adidas’ LFSTLR collection, as it has been defined, blurs the boundaries between football performance and streetwear culture. It features an adaptation of this season’s Manchester United Third Jersey, preserving its iconic design while prioritizing wearability, comfort, and style.


Adekunle Gold’s role as the ambassador of this forward-thinking collection undeniably propels the LFSTLR line to new heights, seamlessly merging the realms of music, fashion, and football in a manner only the Afrobeats sensation could master. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates on this extraordinary collaboration between Adekunle Gold and Manchester United.

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