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Remembering Amy Winehouse: Discover the Unseen Side of an Iconic Artist through Her Intimate Writings

The legacy of the late pop sensation, Amy Winehouse, continues to shine as her family unveils her intimate journals to the world. Known for her iconic music and distinctive voice, American singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse’s journey is being celebrated anew through her personal writings.

From Childhood to Legacy: Amy’s Personal Journey

From her childhood years, Amy found solace and inspiration in putting pen to paper, chronicling her everyday experiences. As she grew, her bedroom became a sanctuary where she poured her thoughts onto the pages. Now, her family has chosen to share these private reflections as a heartfelt tribute to the gifted songwriter.


A Life Cut Short: Amy’s Enduring Impact

Approaching her 40th birthday this year, Amy’s memory lives on. Although she left the world at the age of 27 in July 2011 due to alcohol poisoning, her spirit remains vibrant through her artistry. Amy’s versatile musical styles, ranging from soul and rhythm and blues to reggae and jazz, turned her into a household name in the music industry.

Beyond the Spotlight: The Real Amy


Yet, beyond her fame, Amy’s family paints a picture of a down-to-earth individual. Described as a “normal Jewish kid from North London,” she cherished her family and engaged in everyday activities. While her dynamic personality shone with qualities like boldness and melodrama, she was also a smart child. Despite her brilliance, teachers noted her occasional mischievousness—a “but” always seemed to follow her achievements.

Capturing Emotion Through Artistry


Amy’s gift for expression extended to her songwriting. Her lyrics were a reflection of the same vibrancy she had in her writing. “Good words to describe me: loud, bold, melodramatic,” Amy penned in her notebook.

A Glimpse into Amy’s World: “In Her Words”

Now, Amy Winehouse’s parents are offering a glimpse into her world through a new book titled “Amy Winehouse: In Her Words.” The book, set to launch on August 29, delves into Amy’s life from her toddler years in North London to the time of her acclaimed second album, “Back to Black.”


Amy’s father, Mitch, shared, “We always wanted the world to know the real Amy, where she came from, and what made her tick.” Amy’s music debut with “Frank” in 2003 garnered praise and nominations, marking the beginning of her illustrious career. Hits like “Stronger than Me,” “Rehab,” and the sophomore album “Back to Black” in 2006 solidified her status as a pop icon.

A Lasting Impact: Honoring Amy’s Legacy

Amy’s impact was undeniable, earning her prestigious accolades, including the 2007 BRIT Awards and the 50th Grammy Award in 2008, among others. As her personal writings are unveiled, the world is invited to know Amy Winehouse not just as a sensational artist, but as a multidimensional individual whose words continue to resonate.

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