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I Sold Some of My Properties for “Jagun Jagun”- Femi Adebayo’

I Sold Some of My Properties for "Jagun Jagun"- Femi Adebayo'
I Sold Some of My Properties for "Jagun Jagun"- Femi Adebayo'

Producer, Filmmaker  Femi Adebayo in recent times set a landmark with the Jagun Jagun movie. The movie has once again set Nollywood on a global scale.

In an interview with Your View Ladies in TVC, Femi Adebayo shared how the movie has changed the status quo of Nollywood, his name, and even better anticipation in the future.

 Jagun Jagun is a social message

Femi Adebayo shared with the ladies the idea behind the script which is to pass a social message to the country and specifically to the youth. The social message was to allow the youth to understand how the elite in society used them as an instrument for their misdemeanor.


Also, the script idea is to showcase the beauty and celebrate Yoruba culture to the world.

Femi  Adebayo recalls that his first movie on the big screen is King of Thieves which was produced in 2022. The idea for JagunJagun was conceived before King of Thieves.

Femi Adebayo’s JagunJagun was released on the 10th of August 2023 and is currently streaming on Netflix.


Jagun was appraised as how all the main characters embodied their roles and the dynamics of the Yoruba names given to the actors.

He shared with The Your View Ladies how they had a 3-month training and workout session ahead of the project, this is so that each character can fit into their role.

The Cost

At the peak of the conversation, Femi Adebayo shared how the budget for the movie surpassed the initial allocation because of the set build-up and security of the set locations.


“I sold some of my properties to contribute to the film production and I have made times three now.”

“Security took a junk of the money,” He Added.

When the filmmaker was asked about how he balances his religion with the role played,


He explained:

“Religion is part of my belief, this is what I do for a living, it’s my job, it’s totally different from my belief between me and God.”

“I believe they just don’t understand. I’ve played the role of a pastor, so I feel the success of this project is making them talk.”


Also, Femi  Adebayo mentioned that the involvement of Veteran Actors; Adebayo Salami, Dele Odule, Yinka Quadri, Muyiwa Ademola, and others was needed for experiences and it was a proud moment for his dad; Adebayo Salami who has passed down the legacy to him.

the Ladies  asked How do you feel about the positivity he has gotten from the project

“Honestly I got teary when I read reviews and calls from ultimately people I don’t expect and I’m like so you sit down to watch movies too?! the cannibal of people that called, I got invitations from eminent, different people for dinner.”


The Ladies of YourView asked;  How are you handling the pressures faced amidst the positivity.

“The pressure is a motivation and nightmare.” He  responded,

“The success of JagunJagun has built up a group of veterans in the industry to talk about the promotion of indigenous content.”


Although it has not been officially concluded if there will be a part 2 of JagunJagun, Fans, and lovers anticipate more from Femi Adebayo.

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