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Charles Martinet, the Iconic Voice Behind Super Mario, Transitions to New Role

A Transformation in the Mario Universe

The gaming world witnesses a notable transformation as Charles Martinet, the original voice behind the iconic Super Mario, announces his departure. Having dedicated decades to giving life to beloved video game characters, Charles Martinet is now embarking on a global ambassadorial role for Nintendo. This significant update was officially communicated on Monday, August 22, 2023, through Nintendo’s official Twitter account.

Farewell and New Beginnings: Martinet’s Transition


Charles Martinet responded to the news with a heartfelt tweet, marking the beginning of his new adventure. He wrote, “My New Adventure begins! You are all Numba One in my heart! #woohoo !!!” As the newly appointed “Mario Ambassador,” Martinet will traverse the globe, celebrating the enduring legacy of the beloved plumber. His responsibilities will span from engaging in photo opportunities to delivering authentic character impressions, all while igniting excitement for the cherished gaming franchise.

A Voice That Resonates: An Extended Legacy

Martinet’s voice talents extend beyond the realm of Super Mario, encompassing a host of other iconic characters like Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi within the expansive gaming universe. His contribution even included a cameo role as Mario’s father in a recent film adaptation. Speaking to The National, Martinet emphasized the profound impact that Mario and Nintendo have had on innumerable childhoods. He expressed his deep sense of honor to have been a part of this legacy and to have connected with a passionate audience.


Martinet eloquently stated, “Life is like a video game,” drawing an analogy between the enduring appeal of Mario and Nintendo games. “You play, your character evolves, and you conquer challenges to save the princess, all the while realizing that you are the hero,” he added.

A Legacy That Persists: A Remarkable Journey

Looking ahead, Martinet shared that he initially had no intentions of retiring and hoped to continue as long as his voice remained capable. He emphasized the unique longevity of voice-over talent. In response to Martinet’s transition, Nintendo issued a statement expressing gratitude for his pivotal role in bringing Mario to life throughout the years. The statement reads, “Working with Charles to give Mario a voice has been an honor. We extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.”


While the specifics of Martinet’s departure and his successor remain undisclosed, his legacy undeniably underpins the Super Mario franchise. His dedication has fostered a devoted community of fans and enthusiasts, captivated by both the games and the recent Super Mario movie.

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