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JAPA EFFECT: Marital Tragedies Among Nigerians In Diaspora

We had Tope Debo, Lawyer/ Marriage counselor to discuss the High Rate Of Divorce Among Nigerians In the Diaspora.

This has been the greatest issue affecting Nigerians in the diaspora. Before, it has been about marriage breakdown leading to a bitter separation between the spouses and consequently, divorce. In recent years, this issue has taken another tragic dimension of spouses killing their spouses. It is coming to an alarming rate and we Nigerians living in foreign lands have to do something about it to preserve our existence.

What this article intends to achieve, with respect, is to instigate discussions that would lead to finding a lasting solution to this menace of men killing their wives and wives killing their husbands.


Recently, we have heard about husbands killing their wives or wives killing their husbands. Most of these cases normally start from normal disagreements between spouses that were allowed to develop into quarrels, estrangements, divorce, and then fatal vengeance leading to deaths or grievous bodily harm. All sides of the issue contribute in one way or the other to these problems. It always boils down most of the time to the root of all evils…money. This cuts across all ethnic groups in Nigeria and even many African nationalities living abroad. According to unconfirmed reports, about 60% of Nigerian marriages end in divorce. That means 6 in every 10 marriages between Nigerian couples end in divorce. That’s very high!

May 20th, 2023

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