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[VIDEO] Best Ways To Calculate Your Wealth Numbers For Financial Freedom

[VIDEO] Best Ways To Calculate Your Wealth Numbers For Financial Freedom

Don’t you wish to know how to calculate your wealth numbers for financial freedom?

We were joined by Grace Ibhakhomu, MD/C.E.O Lifecard international investment limited to discuss the best strategy to calculate your wealth numbers for financial freedom.

Grace revealed she started with selling used clothes in the market as a graduate.


She explained that she came to Lagos and there was no job but she was advised by her mentor to create a job for herself if there’s none.

So look at her environment, thought of a problem and then decided to help solve it. She venture into the buying and selling business to ladies who couldn’t afford to be found buying, ‘Bend Down Select’ on the road side.

Grace said she was able to save some money through that and then invested into something better.


She ventured into real estate business, invested and at every stage of her life, she calculated her ‘wealth number’.

What’s wealth number.

Wealth number i’s a scale of net worth based on scientific notation, or powers of 10. One million is 10 to the sixth power, so a basic millionaire is a 6 on our scale.

Wealth is determined by taking the total market value of all physical and intangible assets owned, then subtracting all debts.
According to Grace, you have to follow the process to be financially free because money flies. One of things to do to gain more money is attracting it by adding value and you also have to spend it in the right way for it to flow back in.
To be financially free, according to Grace, you have to learn how to make money, keep money and multiply money.
See the video below for more!

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