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Husband of female banker who allegedly committed suicide over his cheating habit, releases her suicide note

Husband to female banker who allegedly killed herself over husband’s incessant cheating habit, has denied having a hand in her death.

Mr Umukoro Akpobaro revealed that his late wife, Peace had complained about of some debts she incurred after “overposting” funds to some customers.

The mother of two, was a first class Accounting graduate from the Delta state University and was working with a new generation bank.


Umukoro said his wife had on the day she committed suicide, sent him messages on whatspapp, pleading with him to take care of their children. He said she was troubled by a N100, 000 debt she urgently needed to clear.

Peace (11: 27am): Migwo, can I get a loan from you or anywhere? To pay N20,000 back monthly; I need N100,000.

Umukoro (12:08am- 12:21pm): Verendo, what happened?


Peace (12:43pm-2:21pm): Nothing. I need the money to clear my debts. I’ll pay back please, every 24th. I don’t have anyone to ask. Please assist me. I don’t have peace. I’m just managing to keep myself together. You didn’t answer me? The problems I’m facing are too much. Please take note. I didn’t commit adultery. Ancestors didn’t kill me. I’m tired of life. Challenges of life won me. Hence I’m killing myself. Please give me a befitting burial. The gate and door are open. I died as your wife. Bury me well and take care of my kids. Bye.

Umukoro (3:24pm): What is your problem?

Umukoro said he went online one hour after his late wife sent her last message, adding that he became alarmed and called her telephone number, which rang out. Umukoro said he immediately called neighbours who discovered that she had taken Sniper and rushed her to a hospital, adding that she died on the way.


The journalist sent a voice note of a conversation he had with Peace and their children a day to the incident in which they spoke cheerfully.

“That was how we always talked in the evening when she returned from work. I spoke with her and the children. The claim that I called her on the day she died and asked her to come home is not true. Her phone is with the police and we are asking them to check her call records in the last 30 days,” he added.

However, the family of the deceased maintain he has a hand in the death of their daughter. An elder brother of the deceased, Maxwell Johnmark, alleged that Umukoro had once threatened to kill Peace and that the couple’s children were witnesses. He added that the couple’s marriage was in crisis but that his sister refused to walk out of the marriage.


The marriage is about 10 years now. When they gave birth to their second child four years ago and the wife was discharged from the hospital on the third day, he practically drove her out of the house. She called my father to come to take her to our family compound. On getting there, my father saw her sitting outside with the newborn baby, who was crying. He felt intimidated because his wife was a first class graduate.”

The brother of the deceased noted that five days after she passed on, the husband did not visit the family to formally report the incident.

The first thing he did after they confirmed to him that his wife was dead was to go on social media to post their marriage pictures and say that his wife was dead. He said his wife died because of N100,000 that she borrowed from the bank. Can somebody kill herself because of N100,000? The man had been pushing for a divorce. My sister refused to leave the house because she did not want a divorce. There is the tendency that Umukoro masterminded the death because their children can testify that he had been threatening to kill their mum because she did not want to leave the house,” he said


However, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Aniamaka, said investigation is currently ongoing to determine the natural cause of her death, whether it was a case of homicide or suicide.

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