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Drowning Fish goes to bars and hang outs


Felix Olojede, the fast rising filmmaker is set to take his recently released movie, ‘Drowning Fish’ for screening across the country.

The movie, ‘Drowning Fish’ is not expected to be shown at cinemas but Olojede has a different plan as the movie will be showing in local bars, joints and other places where alcohol consumption is at its peak.


Felix Olojede disclosed that his resolve at the screening venues is to ensure that the message reaches those it is targeted at.

‘We will be showing Drowning Fish at bars, joints and other hangouts because these are the places where our target audiences are,’ Felix said.

Drowning Fish, which focuses on the ills and effects of alcoholism, is a 24-minute short thriller about a photographer whose career and existence is threatened by his love for booze.


‘We made this movie to pass a message across because it is quite sad that a lot of people think alcoholism is a mild case which is lesser to hard drugs, domestic violence and other ills but the truth is that alcohol kills more people annually than all the other cases combined,’ he said further.

The short film will also be available for streaming online soon.

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