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AIB elects TVC Director as ExCo Member

RDJGlobal members of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) have elected the Director of Radio Services, TVC/CBS Nigeria, Mr. Richmond Dayo Johnson as a member of the Executive Committee of the Association for a two-year term, starting January 1, 2016.

According to the association, the election of Dayo Johnson into the committee was predicated on his pedigree and expertise as a seasoned broadcaster and also for his notable contributions to the transformation of CBS into one of Africa’s most dynamic media organisations.

Speaking on Dayo Johnson’s election, Chief Executive, AIB, Simon Spanswick said that, “It is great to have TV Continental playing a central role in the Association for International Broadcasting. The election of Richmond Dayo Johnson delivers African broadcasting an important and influential place within the AIB.


‘’As Africa’s broadcasting markets continue their rapid development with Nigeria arguably leading the way, it is vital that there is an exchange of views and sharing of experience at the highest level. Richie’s appointment to the AIB’s governing body will help the continuous expansion of high quality broadcasting, benefiting viewers and listeners, advertisers and broadcasters themselves in Africa, and around the world.”

Commenting on the recognition, Richmond Dayo Johnson, whose knowledge of the industry in the United Kingdom and Africa spans over three decades, said that, “I feel very honoured to be given this opportunity to support AIB’s work and promote a better understanding of international broadcasting.

‘’As a Nigerian representative, I am fully aware of the growing importance of international broadcasting as well as the challenges we face in an increasingly connected world. I look forward to the continued leadership that this brings to our country.”


The AIB’s governance rests with a six-person Executive Committee [ExCo] whose members hold office for a period of two years.

The ExCo, which helps to provide strategic direction for the Association and oversight of the work of the permanent Secretariat is now comprised of the Managing Editor, Bloomberg Media EMEA; Anastasia Ellis, Head of Business Development, BBC World Service; Simon Kendall and Director of International Relations, Deutsche Welle; John Maguire.

Other members are the Director of International Development, France Médias Monde; Klaus Bergman, Director of Radio Services, TVC/CBS Nigeria, Richmond Dayo Johnson and Vice President, Radio Taiwan International, Travis W.K. Sun.

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