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1 Comment

  1. oga

    January 8, 2016 at 2:37 pm


    I wish to draw the attention of the authorities of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the management of ASCON oil to the unethical practices of the station manager of ASCON oil outlet at Lekki phase 1 Lagos state.

    On the 20th of December, 2015 at around 7.00am, I went in search for fuel at Lekki phase 1. Prior to this time, I have gone to several oil stations but was met with astonishing queues. However, I got ASCON oil where I saw some skeletal activities going on and some vehicles queued in anticipation of getting fuel. I happily joined the queue with same anticipation. However, in the course of being on the queue, it was realized that some vehicles where entering into the station intermittently to get fuel. The activity within the station was discreet and looked questionable as the vehicles not only got their tank filled but their booth loaded with containers were filled with fuel. I walked up to one of the attendants and asked if fuel is being sold , the attendant stated that the station is not selling fuel. This further deepened my curiosity as it was discovered that the staff under the supervision of the station manager which hitherto has filled his car booth with loads of fuel in plastic container were engaging in hoarding of fuel to the detriment of public good. I approached the manger and asked why fuel is being sold to some people and not the general public, I also made the manager to understand the illegality and criminality of such acts and threatened to report him to the DPR , instead, the manager flared up and said “We will start selling fuel by 8”, “ the fuel being sold is for operational use”. In fact one of the staff said that DPR was in the station the previous night to check their metering. The manager went ahead to use unethical languages such as “Fuck-off!”, “You are big fool, infact the biggest fool!”, “go and report me to whomever”

    In a twinkling of an eye, He ordered that oil dispensing be discontinued and before I could say “jack”, he has breezed off with his oil laden ‘trailer’ and as at 8:00am they were yet to sell as declared by the manger, the other customers had to leave for alternative outlets.

    I was dazed at the rather unethical and sharp practices by the fuel station, more so by the unguarded utterances of the station manager.

    Of recent, ASCON oil outlet in Lekki phase 1 has been in the news for rather negative reasons; the first being the unfortunate fire outbreak that led to questioning of their safety procedures which I believe is not farfetched from management deficiencies as was demonstrated in the hoarding of fuel.

    I believe an organization like ASCON has a responsibility to its customers and an obligation to the government, above all, a reputation to keep.

    I would like to confirm the dispensing of fuels in private vehicles and plastic containers in the name of “operational use” by the management of ASCON oil.

    I hereby call upon the DPR and ASCON oil to take appropriate steps to sanction this said fuel station and the culprits of this sharp practice.

    Thank you.

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