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Adobe Photoshop’s New Terms of Service Request Access to Your Work

This week, creators using Adobe Photoshop were greeted with a pop-up announcing updates to the terms of service (TOS). While TOS updates are routine, this particular change has raised eyebrows.

Upon reviewing the changes, creators found that Adobe has significantly altered their permissions. The company now claims the right to access and use the work created with their software for various purposes, including training artificial intelligence (AI). The updated TOS, effective from February 17, apply to all Adobe applications, but the notification appeared for Photoshop users only this week.

The contentious update is detailed in section 2.2 of the TOS:


2.2 Our Access to Your Content. We may access, view, or listen to your Content through automated and manual methods, but only in limited ways, and only as permitted by law. For example, we may need to access your Content to respond to feedback or support requests, detect and address security or technical issues, and enforce the Terms. Our automated systems may analyze your Content using machine learning to improve our Services and Software and enhance the user experience. For more information on Adobe’s use of machine learning, visit: Adobe Machine Learning.

The response from the creative community has been overwhelmingly negative. Sam Santala, founder of Songhorn Studios, voiced his frustration on X (formerly Twitter), criticizing Adobe for blocking access to Photoshop unless users agree to the new terms:

Similarly, filmmaker Duncan Jones condemned Adobe’s move, arguing that it unjustly demands access to creators’ work simply because they use the software. Jones has since deleted his post.


The pop-up effectively forces users to accept the terms or be locked out of Photoshop. Santala noted that he couldn’t even uninstall the software without first agreeing to the new terms, leaving creators with a stark choice: grant Adobe extensive access to their work or render Photoshop unusable.

As of now, Adobe has not publicly addressed these complaints, and the updated terms of service remain in place. Creators continue to express their dissatisfaction on social media, awaiting a response from Adobe.

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