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Spotify Introduces Remix Feature to Challenge TikTok

Spotify is developing new remixing features to rival TikTok’s popular trend of altering song speeds. These upcoming tools will enable paid subscribers to adjust, mash-up, and customize tracks from their favorite artists, providing them with creative flexibility.

One anticipated feature will allow users to modify the playback speed of songs, aligning with the trend seen on TikTok where many users manipulate speed and pitch for creative purposes. Spotify is expected to integrate these basic remixing tools into its standard Premium subscription, with more advanced options potentially reserved for the higher-tier “Supremium” subscription, which may also include the awaited Spotify HiFi feature.

While altered songs on TikTok serve various creative purposes, they also pose challenges related to copyright infringement and contractual disputes. Spotify’s approach aims to provide artists with new revenue streams by tying remixes to the original recordings, potentially benefiting performers and labels financially.


Unauthorized remixes are not exclusive to TikTok, as streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal also contend with modified audio content. These unauthorized remixes divert revenue away from rightful owners, highlighting the importance of implementing measures to ensure proper compensation for artists.

Spotify’s focus is on empowering artists to receive royalties or compensation for their work through user-generated remixes, streamlining the process without necessitating the release of multiple versions of songs. Artists like SZA and Isabel LaRosa have already embraced this strategy, releasing alternate versions of their music to cater to evolving listener preferences.

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