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Chude Jideonwo speaks on why men seem more confident than women on #YourViewTVC

Study shows that women are less assured than men and that women are presumably inferior in all spheres of life. To succeed, confidence matter as much as competence. Media entrepreneur Chude Jideonwo joined the ladies of #YourViewTVC to discuss the hot topic: ‘Are men more confident than women?’

He started by explaining that the issue is not whether men are more confident than women but why it seem so. he said;


There is a lot of data that shows that men are more confident than women, now that is not the issue. The issue should be ‘why are men more confident than women?’ confidence is an inner resort and it has nothing to do with the physical, and if its something that is internal and there is a variation between genders we need to ask why?”

he further explained the reason why it seems men are more confident than women, according to him;

It is because the society gives different messages to the different genders, gender roles are historical, they are not theological or divine and they are not necessarily even biological. We created these roles.



We don’t build men into adults, we build men into aggressors, and we don’t just tell them to be confident, we tell them that they should dominate, we tell them that they deserve everything they are given. We build this aggressiveness which is ridiculous”

While responding to Morayo’s question of why confident women feel they have to lower themselves to be able to find a husband, he explained that it is impossible for every one to be married;


Mathematically speaking, if you say everybody should find a husband or a wife, we are not enough for each other, so that means some of us are going to be unmarried. Anybody who ties their sense of self and identity to a mathematical improbability is setting him/herself for madness. So I don’t

understand this lack of confidence because of something that may or may not happen.”


In proffering a solution to the issues of cultural norms that encourage the man to feel superior and the woman to fell she is meant for “the other room”, he said;

Education is important, I have been studying the countries that are the happiest nations in the world; Norway, Denmark, from a young age there is no gender diversion, you do whatever it is you want to do. People are taught this in the school system.



You can’t predict the family a person will be born into but you can predict the kind of school the child can attend. We need the government to create that structure where we have an educational system where they don’t just teach children about biology and physics, but also teach them about their emotions.


Across the world the most important leaps that educational systems are making is emotional intelligence training for young people.”


It is important that we build the confidence of our children, both male and female, ensure both genders believe they can do and be anything.

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