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Zuckerberg, wife welcome their second child, August


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, on Monday announced the birth of their second child, August Zukerberg.

Zuckerberg posted a letter written to August about the world they hope she grows up in, focused on making sure she enjoys her childhood.

Reads excerpt from the letter:

“Childhood is magical. You only get to be a child once, so don’t spend it worrying too much about the future. You’ve got us for that, and we’ll do everything we possibly can to make sure the world is a better place for you and all children in your generation.”

Zuckerberg and Chan have openly shared the difficulties they’ve had in having children. The couple revealed they had experienced three miscarriages before the arrival of their first daughter, Max, in 2015.

In the letter, the couple say they remain optimistic about the future, but want their newest daughter to embrace childhood.


“I hope you ride the carousel with Max until you’ve tamed every color horse,” reads the letter. “I hope you run as many laps around our living room and yard as you want. And then I hope you take a lot of naps. I hope you’re a great sleeper. And I hope even in your dreams you can feel how much we love you.”

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