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#WakeUpNigeria: 3 steps to better dieting – Dr Billy


Best ways to go about dieting even with a busy schedule was an enlightening topic discussed today on #WakeUpNigeria with Dr Billy Usani.

Dr Billy, a fitness coach started by noting that it can be very complicated but the process of change, though hard but has to be mindful.He went on to add that it starts off as an habit then becomes a life style 

“Habit when done long enough becomes a lifestyle”

Going on to give ways to go about dieting with busy schedule, he highlighted three necessary stages.

1. The Awareness stage
2. The Education stage
3. The committed stage’ which he referred to as the hard part.

He said;


The first stage is to be aware of your situation . Once you are aware of your state,get educated on the things to do to get the result you want. After that, you get committed which is the hard one.

In explaining the stage of education, he noted that education can be gotten online because the world is now a connected world.

He also explained that due to the information overload that could be gotten, one should after getting the information, reach a professional for guidance.

The professional will give prescriptions for the information. This doesn’t elude the fact that the individual has his/her part to play. Unfortunately, only 20%-30% out of 100% actually stay committed to this” he said.

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