The ban of abortion has made our women visit quack doctors – Dr. Chinwe


Pregnancy is dangerous on its own and for a teenage girl to become pregnant, she needs the right information to take care of it. Dr. Chinwe Nwokedinobi highlighted as she discussed ‘abortion on #YourVIewTVC.

The sensitive topic ‘abortion’, was trashed among the ladies along side a medical doctor, Dr. Chinwe Nwokedinobi.

Dr. Chinwe explained that abortion is not something that can be eradicated and the ban leaves the women with no choice but to go to quacks or do it unhealthily thereby hurting themselves.

She emphasized that most married women do it for health reasons or when they do not want the baby.

She went on to explain causes for married women doing abortions.


“Firstly some women are not careful enough and they get pregnant while still breastfeeding which puts the pregnancy at a big risk. Secondly, some ladies are not fit enough to carry the pregnancy.”

she also mention that some women don’t use their contraceptives early enough which leads to unwanted pregnancies.

Speaking as regards the society considering the emotional health of these women, she said;

“we are not yet where we look at women’s emotional health as a country. We need to be a bit more realistic. We need to review how we address our abortion laws.”

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