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Next iPhone Update Could make you sleep better says Apple.



Thanks to a new feature called “Night Shift”


Apple is seeking to address the issue with a new iPhone and iPad feature called “Night Shift,” included in the upcoming iOS 9.3 update. The new iOS 9.3 software will bring other features to iPhones and iPads as well. Apple’s Notes app is gaining fingerprint encryption protection, for instance.

The ‘Night Shift’ mode will be activated after sunset, shifting the colors on your iPhone display to “the warmer end of the spectrum,” Apple says. ‘’That should make it easier to fall asleep after scanning headlines before you get your forty winks’’.

That last-check-of-the-day habit, though, could be messing with our sleep cycles. Researchers have discovered that the bright, blue light from smartphones and tablets can prevent our brains from properly entering sleep mode which can be harmful to our health.
The iOS 9.3 upgrade is currently available in beta, so for now, if you want to download, it’s at your own risk. It’s unclear when Apple will release the final version.



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