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I’m not afraid of sack as long as I’d be paid off – Oliseh

Sunday-Oliseh new picTVC E. Sunday Ogorchukwu Oliseh the former Nigerian footballer who in his active playing career played as a midfielder and the current coach of the Nigerian national football team said, the Eagles are “a team in progress” and the championship is an opportunity for the players to be exposed.

“Pressure to win the competition? No! We are just building a team and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to give the players the much needed International exposure, and to see how good we are and I’m not afraid of sack as long as I’d be paid off”

He went further to say, “This is CHAN we qualified for, every game is important, we can’t start talking about tough challenges or pressure or anything.”


Oliseh reacted to stories and speculations that his job might be on the line in case he does not win the competition.

So he said, “Let them go ahead. As long as they are ready to pay me the remaining of my three years contract, I will accept it with pleasure.”

Following his battle with the media, he said, “Well, I really have nothing to say to them. I am not serving journalists. I am serving Nigeria. Anybody who wants to write is free to write. That I can’t influence. What counts for me is my job. And most journalists never played football before. So, I can understand that they can write without really knowing the depth of it.”


Sunday Oliseh took to social media to say, “As far as I am concerned, I don’t care about negative opinions. People who say this kind of things are the people who have negative opinions. And that’s how it should be. I don’t have time reading comments on social networks. Newspapers sometimes, I read. But to be honest with you, social media comments I don’t think it’s meant for the coach to read. It’s about people sharing opinions among themselves. And that is how it is.”


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