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I want to become the next governor – Beautiful Nubia

TVCE – Although it may sound funny and unattainable to many, that’s what he desires to become and he’s ready to give it all that it takes to get it.
A Nigerian born singer and lead for the Roots Renaissance Band, Segun Akinlolu, popularly referred to as Beautiful Nubia, has told audience at the just concluded EMUFEST concert that what he desires to become next is to rule over his state as a governor.

Speaking recently in an interview with journalists, Nubia said although he does not like the idea of of politics, he will always prefer to do everything that has to do with nation building.”I have thought about it a lot. I don’t even like the idea of politics. I like the idea of nation building because politics has this negative connotation now, but politics is not supposed to be a negative word and that’s not my thing. I like to think of myself that if I become a politician I will be a politician that will be seen as a statesman, as a nation builder”.

“My interest will be to find other people who are like me, who want to do something in their life time that they will be remembered for forever, who want to leave a legacy of progress through change,” Beautiful Nubia said.


Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is Nigeria’s foremost contemporary folk and roots music group. Formed and fronted by songwriter and poet Segun Akinlolu (aka Beautiful Nubia), the group’s songs and albums have achieved cult status among their loyal and growing fans spread across the world.

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