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First Aid and Home Remedies for Fever By Dr. Omadeli Boyo

First Aid and Home Remedies for Fever By Dr. Omadeli Boyo

High temperature and feverish conditions can occur at any time of the day and when it happens at a time when you cannot easily access a hospital, this is what to do.

When faced with high body temperature, most people do not know what to do before going to a hospital and that is why Dr. Omadeli Boyo joined us on Wake Up Nigeria to educate us on First Aid and Home Remedies for Fever. He is the Medical Director at Pancreas specialist Hospital and he specializes in General Medical Practices.

According to Dr. Boyo, the normal human temperature is not fixed, it varies between 35, 36 and 37 degrees but the moment it reaches 37.5, it becomes abnormal. Above 37.5 degrees, is Low Grade Temperature and when it is above 38 degrees, it is FEVER. But don’t work on assumptions, ascertain that your temperature has indeed increased and you do have a fever.


Now, to ascertain that you truly have a fever, you must make use of a thermometer. The clinical thermometer which goes for about #200, has a mercury inside it, that rises with temperature; it is great to have it available in your home. The Infrared (gun) thermometer is another type which allows for minimal contact and goes for about #4000 to #5000.

First Aid and Home Remedies for Fever By Dr. Omadeli Boyo

Fever in itself, is not a disease, it is just a symptom. And you need to ascertain the cause of it. So that after you have controlled the fever and gone to the hospital, they can diagnose what exactly is wrong.
After you have placed the thermometer in the mouth, ear, armpit or the bum (for children), and confirmed that it is indeed fever, don’t rush into action forgetting that you are not a doctor.



This is just a first aid remedy:

Make sure the atmosphere around the you is not hot.
Don’t make the mistake of covering up yourself or sitting close to the fireplace as is the practice in rural settings.
It would make you feel better indeed but worsen your situation.


The best thing is to expose your body to air. Maybe not completely unclad, but wear light clothing, turn on the fan or Air Conditioner.
It’s also important that you take a shower or wet a clean towel in tap water and mop your body, (forehead and chest)
You lose a lot of water called dehydration when you have fever, so take a lot of fruits
After these remedies, ensure you go to the hospital. Don’t keep someone with fever in the house.
Also, take note of the other symptoms he/she is suffering.
There are also tablets such as paracetamol or Aspirin (not to be used for children below 6 months)

‘Once you take care of the cause of the fever, you can permanently take care of the fever.’

You need to see this video for the proper demonstration:



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