Everyone has experienced abuse either sexually, physically or emotionally- Aunt Landa


Medical doctor, life coach and presenter of ‘sharing life issues’, Dr. Yolanda George, popularly known as ‘Aunt Landa’ was with Titi and Yomi this morning on #WakeUpNigeria to talk about her organization.

The name Aunt Landa she said, was gotten from children who could not pronounce her name well and resorted to making it short.

Dr Yolanda George-David,Founder of AUNTLANDA’S BETHEL FOUNDATION which is out to counsel and empower children is said to have 300 hundred centres across Lagos with two counselors each.

Speaking with Titi and Tomi , she said;

“We are more like a shopping mall. When you come, we deal with emotional issues, physical issue, psychological and psycho-social issues. We reach out to kids everyday and some days could be very busy. Everybody have been in one way or the other either sexually, physically or emotionally abused in their life time and we have a rescue team that rescue those facing such situations. “


when asked what drives her to help others, she said:

” I have been sick all my life so I know what pain is. Yes am a doctor but this is my life and the whole idea is that everyone goes to bed relieved of his or her pain.”

Speaking further to advise those who have issues, she mentioned that her organisation is open to all.

“We are not saying you won’t have hard days, but when you reach us, we would go through the hard times together.”

Wake Up Nigeria – Episode 26 | 28th August, 2017 – Part 1

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