Men are hunters, ladies should wait to be hunted – Jumoke Alawode


It was a controversial and hot topic this morning as ladies of #YourViewTVC and other invited guests shared divergent views on “how will a man feel if a lady proposes?” .

Speaking on the validity of a woman proposing to a man, there was an heated argument as some believe that there’s nothing wrong with it and others think it’s unacceptable.

Jumoke made some salient points, pointing out that it is not good enough for a lady to propose to a man. Some of her points were;

“Culture is a tradition of people that is widely accepted.Culture evolves but the best way is that you as a lady can softly have that conversation on what you guys are doing without proposing.”



“You’re a woman, make use of your power. In toasting, a woman can give the man green light through body gesture but for marriage, I can’t propose to a man o….”

She also affirmed to Mark Atabor’s statement when he said;

“The rules have’nt changed and cannot change till the end of time”.

While Morayo and others partly agreed with her, they stilll think that there is nothing wrong with a woman proposing.

Nyma also added that;


“A woman will not find it easy for fear of being disrespected bit I see nothing wrong with a woman proposing.”



Jumoke wrapped up her points by advising ladies to better still give obvious signs to get him informed instead of proposing.

“Men are hunters, wait to be hunted. An African man will not find it funny. A lady can give the body language but not be the one to propose. Give him signs that nearly a blind man will see”.


The argument ended with everyone holding their views but seeing through their opposition’s view.

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