Focus on skills that can move us forward as a nation and not degree – Uwa Saleh


Deliberating on the ongoing ASUU strike, the ladies of #YourViewTVC shared diverse opinion on why the strike was relevant and irrelevant.


Uwa Saleh (one of the hosts of #YourViewTVC) shared her view on the inadequacies of Nigerian universities. She said; The educational sector as it stands cannot do any good for us right now…”

She buttressed that university graduates are not turning out well in the society because the universities are not up to standard.


She went on to suggest that the universities and the government should focus more on skills which would fetch the nation more money. She said; “If we are fighting, let us fight it well so at the end of the fight, we are turning out graduates that can solve problems and earn a living for themselves… We should start focusing on skills that can move us forward as a nation… We don’t need universities if we understand where we are headed.”

What do you think about her suggestion?

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