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Billionaire buries mum in brand new hummer jeep with money


A Facebook user shared on his timeline how a man buried his mother in a brand new jeep with money. It was said that a stinkingly rich Nigerian man

gave his mother the sendoff of the century that captured global attention. As a matter of fact, people are still talking about it. The billionaire, who is said to be from Enugu in South East Nigeria, practically buried his mom in a brand new Hummer Jeep and splashed the expensive machine with lots of dollars. It’s alleged that the amount splashed on the unusual casket could amount to about N3.6m (US$ 10,000) or even more.

Considering the fact that majority in Nigeria are hungry and homeless, what do you think about this man’s action?

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  1. He is a idiot. His mom was probably to old to drive.

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