Higher killer from Sapele almost got burnt by Lagos boys


TVC E. A boutique owner’s life was saved today as she was almost killed by a man sent from Sapele, Warri to strangle

her to death. He was allegedly in the act when the area boys around came to her rescue.

”An instagram user posted this on his wall:’ ‘Hired killer was sent all the way from Sapele, Delta State to kill the owner of a Boutique in Jakande, Lagos State. He gained way into the boutique and was already strangling the woman with a rope. Luck ran out when people heard the woman screaming. People gathered around to save the woman. He almost got burnt alive, but Police came his rescue. Be careful out there guys. We all have enemies. You don’t know who likes or hates you. The woman has been rushed to the hospital for treatment.” 


What do you think should be done to this man?


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