Stop calling us prostitutes, that is not what we represent – Kaffy


TVC E. World class professional dancer cum choreographer, Kafayat Shefau, also known as ‘Kaffy’, in an exclusive chat with news men has come out  to beg people to stop tagging professional dancers and choreographers prostitutes and promoters of nudity and sensuality.

The eclectic mother of two lamented the wrong impression the public has about dancers. According to her, most people think that because dancers dress sensually, exposing sensitive parts of their body in music videos, they are prostitutes or promoters of obscenity.

In her opinion, she stressed that irrespective of how dancers portray themselves in music videos, they are just doing their job, which is to crystallize the actual message of the music. Dancer Kaffy “Most people think dancers are prostitutes, but they are not; dancers are professionals and dance is serious business.

That we put on revealing costumes in music videos does not mean we are prostitutes or want to be approached for illicit relationships. Whatever you see dancers do in a music video is only meant to portray the message of the song. You don’t expect me to put on a flowing gown in a music video that is supposed to portray love, sex or sensuality, or expect me to wear an outfit that wouldn’t be free for me to express myself effectively in the video. The way we dress is just for us to be free while doing our job and convey the actual message we are supposed to in the video”, she said.

The most sought after dancer who is fully geared up for her forthcoming event tagged ‘Dance Workshop 2017’, expressed disappointment at the manner in which people view dancers. She advised the public to change their mindset and perception towards dancers because they are professionals in their field just like every other profession.



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