Femi Kuti Breaks World Record for the longest Single Note held on a Saxophone


Image result for Femi Kuti breaks world record as longest single noteAfrobeat musician Femi Kuti has broken the World record for the longest single note held on a saxophone.

This happened on Sunday May the 14th at the New Afrikan Shrine.

The musician finally set a new world record at 51 mins 35 seconds after he attempted to break the record the previous week.

Femi believed he had surpassed Kenny G as the longest single note winner which turned out to be false as Kenny G was second best record in the world.

The previous record was held by Vann Burchfield. It ran for 47 minutes, 5.5 seconds.

Femi revealed that pressure from his teeming fans gave him the motivation for the challenge.


Fans of the singer who witnessed the performance expressed their excitement.

Kenny G back in 1997 held the record for the longest note ever held on a saxophone when he held an E-flat for 45 minutes, using a technique termed Circular breathing.

Kenny G however lost the record in 2000 to musician Vann Burchfield, who went on to hold the note for 47 minutes, 5.5 seconds.

For Femi Kuti, he employed the circular breathing technique to achieve the feat.

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